You probably already know how you will use your outdoor living space. Will it be for lavish dinner parties, family meals or for quiet mornings with your newspaper and coffee? You should furnish your backyard retreat to reflect the way you entertain, play, and rest.

But before you make the investment, there are many points to ponder in order to choose the right set.

First you need to consider the size of your patio or lawn area. If the area is very small, a bar, bistro or cafe table and chairs may be the perfect solution. Next, think about your budget and the weather conditions. Durable outdoor furniture such as wood, wicker and wrought iron can be very expensive, but won’t have to be replaced year after year. Now take into account your style. Is it casual, elegant, modern or retro? A good rule of thumb is to make it an extension of your indoor style. Usually the rooms in your home are not decorated in clashing colors and styles. If you continue the same basic theme as you have established inside, you will create a natural flow.

Be sure to measure the area in which the furniture will be placed. You will want to make sure that your set not too large for your outdoor space. If the pieces are too large, it will be hard to maneuver and could put a damper on the experience. Now that you know the size of you space, think about the best shape for the table and chairs in terms of fit, and the atmosphere and style you want to create. The final step, before you actually shop for your outdoor dining set is to think about comfortable seating. There are many types to ponder. Do you want a bench or a chair? Should it have back or not? Will chairs with arms or without arms work best for you? Do you require cushions for your seating? If you decide to have cushions, you will also have to choose the color and pattern. Consider who will be using it. The needs and requirements for the comfort of small children are very different from those of adults.

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