Owning a hotel or inn with a neighbouring restaurant and an outdoor pool is guaranteed to draw lots of guests, especially in the summer. The popularity of your establishment among visitors will much depend on the outdoor furniture you choose in Perth. Wood, wicker, cast aluminium, and wrought iron furniture are the most popular types of outdoor furniture.

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Due to its organic appearance, wood is a preferred material for outdoor furniture. Wood furniture complements lush, expertly maintained gardens and flora. The only problem is that some varieties of wood might deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures or excessive dampness. If you want your wooden furniture to survive longer, it’s critical to choose the correct sort of wood for your location’s weather and climate.


Wicker patio furniture has a long history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Because it is comprised of natural materials like bamboo, rattan, or reed, wicker, like wood, looks great in outdoor settings. Furniture made of wicker is typically significantly lighter than furniture made of wood, making it easier to move.

Aluminium Cast

Due to their durability and exquisite designs, furniture constructed of aluminium alloy is popular among owners of outdoor restaurants. Despite its toughness, aluminium is simple to bend and form during the manufacturing process, allowing furniture makers to produce intricate designs. Additionally, they are lightweight, making it simple to take them to another restaurant or relocate them to another table in order to accommodate more diners. Despite being a hard substance that is prone to absorbing heat or cold from the environment, cast aluminium is frequently utilised to make the frames for padded recliners and pool lounges.

forged iron

The heaviest sort of outdoor furniture is wrought iron, but it is also the toughest and most distinctive. Since wrought iron is rarely produced on a large scale for sale, it could be challenging to get items made of high-quality metal. The intricate, vintage-inspired motifs on wrought iron furniture will definitely attract your guests’ attention. They are more expensive than any other type of outdoor furniture because to their rarity, and they are also heavier and more cumbersome to carry. You might choose to buy only a few essential pieces rather than buying them in bulk if you want to use wrought iron items in your restaurant or pool area.

Make sure to take into account the main purposes of the furniture as well as the general concept of your outdoor facilities when deciding whether to purchase wood, cast aluminium, wrought iron, or wicker outdoor furniture. Avoid buying heavy wood or wrought iron furniture if you anticipate moving it around a lot.

Regardless of your decision, adding cosy cushions to your lovely outdoor furniture or high-quality surfaces like Werzalit table tops may cause your guests to spend more time relaxing by your pool than doing anything else.

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